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Sweet Sinner began their involvement with porn and they wanted to make reality content for several naughty fantasies that they felt they wanted to explore. First, you have to know that they cover many hard genres like anal, Asian, bjs, big dick, creampie, coed, cumshots, ebony, fetish, fishnets, and a long inventory that you get to see when you are inside their site. Let’s just say they aren’t some lesbian softcore erotica bullcrap site – they go very hard explicit xxx nuts all over you!

Okay, what they do is they exploit relations between different people like wives and cheating, galfriends, student teacher, old young, and other forms of fantasy and reality porn situations. Wayward cheerleaders and milfs are also seen, so the age of the models really goes from teens to matures. The site is dedicated to making updates on weekly basis and they say that they will make multiple additions. They have an advanced mobile friendly site. The mobile version of the site offers you 12 episodes on each page with 50 pages so that around 600 updates arranged in “latest “or “most popular”. It’s easy surfing with your fingers on tablets and phones thanks to the easy navigation of the mobile site. Formats and other relevant technologies inside this mobile site function the way they are supposed to.

The content is themed to show you lying sexual cheating by various people in hot unspeakable hardcore sex scenes. The site design is more in line with modern trends, functional, less about the flash and more about the material. You can change the account setting to match your preferences. You get navigational menu to move around. Inside they have many niches, like we said, but searching/sorting is easier with filters, tags, ratings. They have over 596 movies currently growing every week, they have 250 models, 134 DVDs, and 306000 Picture galleries for you. You get all the file formats, support, technical kit, and services that you expect from any good professional pornsite.

The model index they have is studded with amateurs and hot pornstars you know and lust after. The mix is good offering different bodies, sex desires, different personalities. They are effective in all the nasty infidelity fantasy things that they make no wonder they are becoming the go to place for various people. If you want milfs turned to sex slaves, it is here. You want secretaries cupping the boss’s balls, it’s here. You want “father fucking young teen he should not be” kind of content, it’s here. Interracial and generally hard long cocks and wet smuts are all inside this site. For the collection, we give them an A+.

Forbidden, unacceptable, inter relations that still have thrilling, passionate, way of making the viewer watching moan, wonder, desire is exactly what Sweet Sinner is providing you. There is a lot of ground covered a far as variety of models and content is concerned with a sweet membership deal just for you.

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In The Crack Discount

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In The Crack pornsite is where they are “set up to spread up” so to speak. This means the babes are the prize but what people really want to see is the beauty within the legs, and this site focuses on this point like very hard! You get in so close that you almost feel that they want you to develop a relationship of sorts with the beautiful lips and moulds presented in front of you. If you have deep fetish for this kind of content, you would do well to give yourself the chance to pass by the tour page for this pornsite and find all the things and pussy fantasy you like.

There are 1080p videos for your amusement pleasure and that is because these guys have made some improvements on their pornsite. You get to have the full HDTV experience, which is important in this modern day and age when technology is really making watching porno content fun. You will find all the useful details and information for using the tools they have for you benefit. Members also find that they get to have completely exclusive material from this place, so there is no confusion about that. They have abolished the former token system that they used before for a new membership system. Anyway, they still have not abandoned their principals of being professionals and close to the pussy as always! Enjoy the coupon here on this site, if you don’t like this site

Now, the women who are displaying their bodies for you are really hot looking ladies. The pages inside can have a combination of pictures and videos. The images are big in many ways, and online watching is possible. The images take and frame the closeup of the pussy in detailed manners, making us really anticipate and get excited about the videos which we are about to play. This is a big collection of well over 1050+ videos and a bigger amount of picture galleries. Multi formats for the videos including mp4, wmv, flv, and you can find anything from 5 to 15 minute clips inside. The clean precise angles and great equipment used ensures a uniform pattern of quality.

This niche site has got the right chakra around them, making them attract and retain members. They attack the eyes and the central nervous system of pussy lovers and paralyze them with good studio grade productions. If we were to tell you that we have to conclude here so that we can get back inside this site, you better believe that’s what we are doing. In summary, “In The Crack” is a pussy fetish, hardcore, top range, beautiful models, complete compact functional website, few flaws, but many upsides of joining. This discount along with some other porn deals are certainly worth joining!

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PlumperPass Discount

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Sex and sexiness comes in different sizes especially big sizes for the site called PlumperPass. This is a 6-site-collection of sorts that takes the content from these BBW niche hardcore sites and gives you it all in one pass. Quickly checking inside we can get some interracial, ebony, hardcore sex, amateur, teens, milfs, blowjobs, masturbation, tit sucking, reality, threesomes, solo, anal, group, and many other stimulating genres. If you want them big and giggly, let’s get on with the review.

Statistics from the site say they have over four hundred and seven wonderful fat ladies willing to make anyone cum including having orgasm for themselves. You also have 2027+ movies. They have hundreds of categories to offer y’all. The amount will always be more inside this one because they are very good at updating. The ladies inside offer a treat of something different. You get redheads, big tits, asses that look humongous, tattooed babes, brunettes and blondes plus ebony big mamas. The ones we particularly were drawn to are the beautiful teen big women inside, they bring shock and awe to us!

You will be given a plethora of options for navigation. First, they arrange gals and content inside according to latest, most viewed, top rated. You can search for particular models using the search box. There is a tab that can take you to cams. They offer up a blog with news on matters relating the stars and the models inside. You should be happy with the fee charged, not too high, market rate really. You have formats that can be used to stream or download as many times as you like.

Simple things will most often lead to real fun times for any pornsite and this one is as simple to use as it gets. You can make and find your favorites list for instance, and the color scheme of the site makes the content they have balloon out in your face! Searching is by keyword works also. The quality of the bbw movies is high definition, images tend to be high res. Flv, wmv, zip files formats are things you find inside. The site runs on good servers that make things simpler. People who love bbw porn should be adequately happy with the fruits given by this porn producer for them to eat and be filled.

PlumperPass discount pros are that it’s massively into the chubby women porn scene in a very hefty way. The exclusive membership pass deal is an invitation to 6 sites really and tons of content. They update, they make hardcore, they love bbw – what more do you need to know.

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Blacks on Blondes Discount

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As you deal with pornsites, you generally come to learn that you should depend on the more veteran sites like “Black On Blondes”. Veteran pornsites have got lots of content and experience. They make material that is straight up excellent in most cases. In this particular case for this site, it’s totally true; you get enough exclusive hardcore material backed by Dogfart network. This is a leading porn producer with various sites they produce doing very well.

The details about this site are just as reliable as the content they make. First of all the parent network that makes content for this site established long ago that they have talent for interracial productions. This site is one of their premier leaders in this niche. The galleries you get are highly exclusive to members only. They have crammed the site with all the productions they can to make it worth your time. Instant access inside also means that you have 22 sites from the network that you can check out. In the case of what kind of gals you find inside, of course, there are many blondes that they show. A full list of gals is inside. Difference is, nowadays, they have branched to brunettes and other white ladies not just blondes. The black on white theme is still in production inside.

You get DP’s, threesomes, gangbangs, black-white couple, and so much black dick everywhere with hundreds of pornstars performing for you. The ladies are not in the least bit afraid of going up against those outrageous large cocks because they crave for that sort of thing. We can see the older archives with 480p res videos but major new updates are high definition. You can get small clips, full length, formats for downloading, and they have issued a mobile format layout for devices like tablets and smartphones. So whether on the computer, or on your phone, you can turn up and get explicit hardcore. The site began in 1996 just so that you know!

There are gals inside who will only be able to stomach taking half these jumbo-sized dicks in their pussies while many others want more than one big black cock to fuck with. Scenes offer variety, the performances also offer variety. The scenes come with descriptions and attached comments from other members who have seen them. The navigation is plain and self-explanatory. You can use the menu bar with home, scenes, pics, and “join now” option given. You get to know how long movie is, how many pics, who the star, and small description. There isn’t much innovative stuff going on for the navigational layout and stuff, just simple and solid.

Conclusion about Blacks On Blondes is – hell yes! for those who are asking if they should sign up. This high quality interracial producer is going to give hardcore fanatics good returns on investment.

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DDF Busty Discount

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Discovering that there is a site like DDF Busty for people who love breasts and babes is like discovering the sweetest pleasures of life. Then you go ahead and discover that it’s just not about the breasts, but how many diverse ways they can bring you porn in such magnificent scenes. You are getting categories ranging from – anal, big tits, couples, costume, hardcore, lesbian, milf, lingerie, cum on tits, tattoo, tit fuck, piercings, outdoors, naturals, and many more. The overall ranking that critics can give them, with this kind of bouncy tit magnitude, is a good solid 92%. What more can be said about these guys? Lots more…

The man behind the growth of this site is called a mastermind by some, a pervert by the rest, but we like to think of him as a person who has experience at completely shattering the eyes of members with lustful content. The boob festival inside looks to be beyond belief, in so many ways, because the quality is just very good. The site is also enabled with things like mobile friendly version and interactive elements. You get social media platforms and links to get to things like blogs, cams, shop, support, and other sections inside the site. What we are saying is that functional tools and content inside this site are seamlessly paired together.

Everything finely erotic and risqué that the breasted gals can do, they do! Masturbate, solo, hardcore penetrations are all on the table. The videos are in the high definition layout of 720p range with file formats thrown in there like QuickTime and divx, including the trusty wmv and flv file formats. All of the material that this site dutifully produces is originally created by them, for this site specifically. You get the zip file – for images, and the needed high resolution for the pics/HD for movies.

There are over 540 scenes, with the image gallery laying right there on your lap, more than sixty thousand pictures. Ever since they began, Denys site has always been above reproach for the production, scenic, filming clarity that is seen in every film made, and soon to be made! That kind of level of manufacturing does earn them a reputation since people do take note and the industry does reward those producers who can master such high levels of production.

Lesser pornsites are crying that people don’t want to check them out, and why would anyone do such a thing when offers like the DDF Busty discount exist! If you can look inside this site, you will see a deal with discounted price for joining the network that this site belongs to. That gives you access to 9 more sites, if you part with a few more ‘denaros’. The conclusion we have is basic, babes and boobies like these deserve you attention immediately, join today.

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Teen Mega World Discount

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There are so many who wish that there could be a place online that they could find the top teen themed action every time they logged in. This is not an unrealistic request and the mega website called Teen Mega World wants to bring this request to actual fruition. This is the website from the royal cash producers that’s giving you among (other things) wonderful pics/movies and massive array of porn material.

What the package content shows you inside is solo, orgies, anal, lesbian, fantasy hardcore pornography in a long list of genres for you to sample. The amount is more than you will be able to sift through with galleries containing over 3700 movies, over 1052 models, over 600,000 images inside. One price for the admission fee and you are looking at thirty-three pornsites. Anal Angels, Watch Me Fucked, Teen Sex Mania, Creampie Angels, Dirty Doctor, etc, are the sites, and for the long list click the website tab on the menu bar once you are inside. Other tabs are homepage, videos, girls, categories, and so on.

These guys are kind enough to give you the best rated content and girls for you to begin with. With the videos, what plays the best are the high definition ones on full screen display. You are given clips in low to mid resolution, should you want them. The movies length is not bad, with many having twenty minutes of play. The images have a similar mixed up quality as far as resolution is concerned. The best are high res brilliant; the rest can be qualities going lower. In the case of such megasites, the content that was done when they were first starting out is not HD or high res. That’s how it is for all large networks and there is nothing suggesting that this trend will change. You just have to roll with the punches.

The mastery of the teen niche by this network is becoming something legendary. They make teens do so many difficult arousing things that make you sweat and curse as you slowly let your full passions flow. The teens are a mixture of body types, young and sweet, hard cock loving to real sluts. The teens will have sex with older ladies and guys, they will insist on inserting large toys in their creamy holes, they will make you feel gagged and gapped in so many different ways! The content inside is magnanimous in its scope and variety.

The conclusion therefore of what grade we would give Teen Mega World is a glowing A. they are more explicitly impressively involved in this type of genre than any other network out there, it’s in their name after all! Do yourself the great honor of finding the best discount and buying membership fast.

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21Sextury Discount

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21Sextury is just bathed in glorified excellence and we cannot stress how good they have managed to become over the years. We don’t have to look for ways to praise and give them credit because they make it so easy for us to like them. First, they offer 21 sites inside the network. The sites work hard to bring you so much different types of pornography in one convenient spot. Some include Lets Play Lez, Nude Fight Club, DP Fanatics, Asshole Fever, and for the full list you can visit the members area of the network and get one!

The content amount that you will get is ridiculous good, over ten thousand movies and continuously going up since they have multiple updates all the time. The first time we could see that they have high res images, including those above 1000 pixel. Have they increased the pixel quality of these images? Not so much since they’re still not completely reliable. You see it all depends on the picture set, the site, and whether it’s a new or old addition. But that is not why we love them, the videos in 1080p HD are what make us grin. The good value members get for the video part of this network is so massive we often feel confused where to begin.

The leading pornsites they have contain things like pornstar websites, even softcore erotica material is somewhere in there. They have lesbian, milf, hardcore, reality, fantasy, costume, squirting, fetish, foot, bjs, anal, DP, and other many outstanding porn niches that we have no space to list all. The network spreads the content far and wide and they get even further when you realize what they have in store for you next. They got nineteen more pornsites added as bonus material for all their favorite loyal members! It’s like we said, absurd content count when you join these guys!

With such a big load of material that causes even the hardest of porn fans to drop their jaw in amazement, the 21Sextury discount network has also done well to invest in some much needed resources in developing the right kind of user interface. They took the individual color schemes of all the sites and have blended them into one scheme in order to have uniformity all round. Some don’t like that, stating how everything looks so pale or dull, but that argument only lasts as long as you haven’t downloaded or streamed any of the fiery movies they have inside. You do that and you immediately forget about color schemes! You are going to get all-round good navigation from the network.

One, you must recognize the big amount you are about to inherit from this network. Two, you must know they have a good rep in the industry. Three, you must use some form of lube to keep it all moist and slide your way to utter nirvana as you watch the content from 21Sextury! Four, you need to sign up today!

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Wet and Puffy Discount

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Sites like Wet And Puffy are about as specific fetish as you can get. They target one thing, wet taunt lips of the beautiful pussy of various hot gals. So, that includes many scenes that have cameltoe action, puffy lips and wet orgasms. One thing is that they’re rather new, having been producing since 2009. And they started by specializing in pussy material, now having more than 480 models, hoping to increase that number as time goes on. The pussy action they bring contains fluffy, bulging, and different shades of pussy, so if you consider yourself a consumer of such action, it’s best you continue reading our review.

The pictures they have and the videos number around 560+ and 567+ respectively. Now this is an estimated number for it is true that you may run into a higher number of materials when you finally sign up. We did see they have zip files used for the pic downloads. If you are a member you benefit from videos that are in both 720p and 1080p quality. We stand firm in the belief that with the weekly multiple updates they make, they will have more material for everyone very soon.

You get to see pussy plus clothes, pussy without clothes! However, the site is inclined to do away with the clothes and just let the pussy be! That completely means that you get to see pissing dripping cumming and general wetness, caused by a variety of reason, many of these reasons being playing with the pussy and the clit of the gals. The site is both exclusive and independently standing tall with its pussy fetish material.

All the gals are from Europe with the span of gals covering both professional women and amateur twats. The material firmly relies on fingering, sucking, toying, dildo play, shoving of objects, and pissing abilities of the gals to move along. The camera hand behind the lens has that closeup zoom feature that gets you right in there in the mix of all that delicious wetness. When you do decide to put on the membership pass badge they give you, you have access to Puffy Network, and the sites inside this network.

The site is simpler to use since they made some needed improvements. Members have access to filters, section for the pics models and movies, tags, and user interface has qualities of friendliness and convenience built into it. The material they have comes with dates so that you know when they added it. Models index, tools for choosing models and even categories of pussies available are just some more wonderful things inside. In our estimation, we found Wet And Puffy a nice representative of the cameltoe pussy action niche category that they have chosen for themselves.

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Wicked Pictures Discount

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40% off one month | 70% off one year

This review of Wicked Pictures is not going to contain a lot of non-sensual crap like others reviews. This review right here is going to try to be as straightforward as possible. First thing worthy of note is the fact that this paysite is the official place where all the DVD movies this company has made over the years can be found. You will find that the site has exclusive gals, then there are the pornstars who they made famous, models, and new gals. The portfolio of porn niches that they have stretches on and on because they are diverse in more ways than many other porn companies only dream of.

The site is designed so that eager new members looking for pornstars, looking for cosplay spoof movies to make their dicks hard, looking for models, info or whatever, can have the easiest time possible inside. The features they offer do show some flexibility in regards to how you can bend them to your will to find what you want. They don’t have what we consider essential mobile formats, hoping that they add them soon due to their importance. Members will be able to access the site with mobile devices if this is done. The collection is organized, the search toolbox inside accomplishes the task you set forth.

The big advantage of being such an attractive employer like this company is that you attract the best boobs and asses in the business. These guys have many wondrously amazing ladies inside. The girls who only work for this company are many, but they are not alone for the company opens their doors to all beautiful creatures. Therefore, that includes the different ethnicity that you can think of. The filming of the content is above the standard DVD filming techniques, meaning its all pretty damn good. The funny and creative spoof action is classic in every way. It’s one of our favorites from these guys.

The membership pass you buy for one, three, or full year, or whichever package deal you decide to take, is a solid investment. The bigger the number of months you get, the less money you’re charged. The hardcore anthology you are given inside is yours completely every day; they update weekly multiple videos to an already large archive. Twenty-five minute movies. Over 4000 movies by now, we think. 1080p HD formats. Flash and download formats given with a big pic collection of over 3500 galleries. Zip file inside keeps you saving the pictures you want.

The Wicked Pictures discount is all good, no bad! There is no downslide we can unearth about this paysite, but right there, sitting on the table, are all the good things they have. You need to pull up a chair, type in the site’s name, pay, login, and convince your loins to have some fun times while you watch top rated hardcore niches, sizzling gals, in various DVD productions inside.

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X Art Discount

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76% off one month

X Art is for people who have a certain itch that needs to be scratched to satisfaction. It is the place where you go when you need your palms to sweat, your eyes to widen, your veins to pop out and your blood to rush inside your legs faster than a speeding bullet! This pornsite contains pulse-quickening gals of various natural beauty. These gals are sexual in hardcore scenes, but the producers still are able to make material that is more passion oriented and erotically themed. We don’t understand how they do it; all we know is that looking at some sample videos inside the tour page had us wanting to see inside this site very badly!

On the list of the most important things that producers of this site make sure they cover, there must be top rate quality, then natural looking hot women, then charm, seductiveness, and so on. The site contracts different photographers to work for them. That allows diverse composition of images, glamour softcore images, and different picture techniques of capturing different sensuality clearly coming out of the content these guys make. Apart from the photographers, the site takes in all sorts of young beautiful ladies. Challenging themselves to find gals like you have never seen, they have been able to make over 630 movies and over 750 picture galleries appear inside their site. They haven’t even been around for so long yet they have substantial galleries members can congregate and sift through.

One essence of the content inside this site is the clean scenic backdrops, the lighting, the natural beauty surroundings that most of material is made around. This adds and blows up the beauty of the models and the action that they are engaged in. The models that this site shows can sometimes be involved in fetish play, or they will be messing on their own, with partners, posing and showing lots of skin.

The content doesn’t resemble the low class hardcore, fake boobs, kind of hardcore site that feels generic. No, this is a whole different animal all together, strong, independent, loaded with naturally good-looking females. The proudest thing that they make is erotica. That Is because the main guy at the helm of all this Is Brigham Field. He has got expertise at making sure erotica becomes glamorous with all the sensual ingredients added. He always never forgets to add some extremely beautiful women into the mix.

By now, it ought to be clear and if it’s not then that is because you are fighting hard to make it unclear when everything is simpler than wiping your nose with a handkerchief. Joining the site and the X Art discount is not only meaningful fruitful thing to do, it is something that must be done for people looking for beautiful concepts and bodies and natural charm. It’s a site with content worth paying for, worth coming back to week after week.

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OnlyTease Discount

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Join OnlyTease Right Now

55% off one month

OnlyTease introduces your biggest sexual organs to some wild material. This site is from the UK where they have done excellent work looking of hot UK models. These gals come from different patches of earth from around the world. You will see that content inside uses the amazing body of the gals, dresses them up in lingerie, costumes, panties, pantyhose, stockings, fishnets, high heels, and cosmetics. The point is to make them more beautiful than they already are naturally and it works. No amount of pleading will make these guys give you hardcore sex to watch, all soft stuff, and erotica from here on!

They have hundreds of babes, hundreds of movies, and thousands of images. The cameraman is instructed to maintain the angle steady; the gals then go on and remove garments in sexual strip teases. The whole scene plays out like a mystery, where you are constantly wondering what is beneath those clothes. You will soon find out, and the focus on nude boobs action is very arousing. As always with porn paysites, pros and cons do exist battling each other for ultimate supremacy. We have found this site to have more erotica pros than cons.

First pro, over 1700 movies, over 9100 image galleries. The videos do tease, but you also get to have behind scene footage. Models have profiles. They have solid mp4 files that deliver HD. The site contains mobile files, these help mobile devices get content, but the biggest trophy inside are the models and images. This is a picture focused, professional, high yield site. The pictures come in sizes including high, mid, low. The biggest match what you expect, high resolution, and perfect composition. They have never found the need to deviate from the kind of niche that they are excellent producers of. This has given them above standard skills that they use fully. Weekly multiple updates, and the existing heavy archives make them attractive also.

The site programming, arrangement, design, colors, navigation tools, and general well maintained quality that they have is important to them, they bring the best. There are some issues, (cons if you would like to call them that) which we must address about this site. It’s not like they are many, but we want to give you full disclosure. There is lots of soft teasing stuff, no explicit nakedness, or more in-depth erotica like solo play, so consider that before joining. The site does have issues with older material, low quality.

Conclusion about the OnlyTease discount is that if you don’t need glaring hard sex in your porn to find arousal, maybe teasing you is just what will get the job done. The over seven hundred gals inside, the production team, the content is all very satisfying for those into nude art, teases, and beautiful ladies. Therefore, now that you have all the data you need, ain’t it time to take a tour.

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Lets Try Anal Discount

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Join Lets Try Anal Right Now

33% off one month | 67% off one year

Lets Try Anal is a phrase that has been mentioned by men for so many years because men love anal, and they obviously want to try some stuff. Well, this site is catering for that and other types of sex desires. The site has the same name as the above-mentioned phrase. It’s a site with an inquisitive mind and wants to see first time anal fucking happening to various ladies. The statement of “first time anal sex sessions” is tested very deeply inside this site.

You may have to practice a bit of suspending your cynical views when you are inside this site. Why is this? Well, the premise is that these are gal who are taking dick in their buttholes for the first time. However, we could clearly see some of the gals were acting, and others clearly had previous experience with anal scenes. They also have some familiar faces, pornstars we have seen in other anal scenes on other sites. But the fun, and the standard acting done by the gals letting long dicks cram inside their holes is sufficient enough. Its porn that plays out well in the end. The effort the site, producers, and gals put in the scenes is enough for us to forgive them about the real truth on authenticity of the scenes.

They had one hundred seventy two movies inside when we initially blitzed their member’s area. They have probably done more by now. The site is designed with the simple template that you can easily use. The best-looking videos are 1080p full HD captions and they also have 720, to 430p resolution clips. Formats are mp4, 3gp, mpeg, and windows media. Nice variety there. We cannot forget the flash player used to stream and the high resolution pictures.

The zip files and the availability of tools you may need for browsing or surfing round up the features nicely giving a competent package as far as these things are concerned. These things include commenting and rating options, tags, categories, model index, and other sorting criteria. If we study the way they date the episodes inside, we can see a steady weekly inflow of new content. That is what we believe is their updating schedule. More frequency on their part could land them more clients since the content count will definitely shoot up.

This site belongs to Mofos, or at least they let you get access to Mofos Network using your membership pass. This is the bonus content that you get. We have done a review of the Mofos Network and what we found is that they rank with 92% marks when it comes to content, sites, and usability. So this is a quality bonus you are getting. Anal porn is good inside Lets Try Anal.

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We Are Hairy Discount

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25% off three months

We Are Hairy are all about women who love to keep it natural in their pubic areas. Obviously, from the name of the site, you can expect to see a lot of hairy pussies being showcased in this site. These are women who have never shared their pubic parts for years. You won’t believe what you will see here but I am sure you will enjoy because that is how pussies were meant to be from the beginning of time before people invented shaving accessories and destroyed the work of nature.

Anyway, the site is not all about hairy pussies alone. This is just the idea on which the action is based. After these women open up their legs to give us a peek at their vaginas, they proceed to stimulate themselves using fingers, dildos, beads, bananas and many other objects. You will look at them and wish you could be there just in time to finish them off.

Let’s now analyze the technical aspects of the site. The first thing to scrutinize is the amount of content and I am happy to report that they have come out strongly on that. With over 3,000 movies that run for about 13 minutes, you have a lot to see. You will also get more than 3,758 photo galleries to browse when you take a break from the movies. Remember that each picture gallery holds around 110 pictures so this is definitely a huge package. Getting down to the quality of the scenes, I had nothing to complain about as I looked at the various format options that were being offered. There was an MP4 that played at 5000k with 1280×720 p in size. Flash, WMV and Quick Time formats were also available so there is a lot of freedom on what format top use when viewing the movies depending on the device that you want to use.

The general appearance of the site is professional with unique category areas provided to make the user experience enjoyable. Whatever kind of woman you are looking for, you will find her here in one of their categories that include blondes, hairy armpits, brunettes as well as those with well endowed breast and legs. Everything is captured clearly with good lighting being provided in all their settings.

There is a good library of materials to watch here which will be exciting especially for those guys who have not been watching this kind of smut. The toy insertions and dildo stimulation results in incredible orgasms with squirt oozing down from their pussies to the bushy hair down there. Quality is above the industry standards and the amount of content will keep you engaged for quite some time. When you add the daily updates, third party feeds and a message board, We Are Hairy becomes a solid deal that you cannot dare to bypass.

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Dane Jones Discount

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Dane Jones is an award winning site that brings romantic hardcore sex in a very organic manner. You will get guys romancing the girls through kissing, tits sucking and stimulation, pussy eating and tender caressing. Women and softcore lovers will be turned on while seeing this. The hardcore guys will also be happy to hear that it doesn’t really end there because the longer part of these movies involves hardcore sex. You will realize that this is the kind of sex that you want to see when you see these girls getting beautiful orgasms at the peak of the action. If you love lesbian lovemaking, you will be glad to see a number of movies designed with that particular niche in mind.

The site is not a very huge one but 283 movies is not a bad number to start with. Remember that you are also getting very sexy photos from more than 283 galleries and they also have very generous bonuses that you will also be entitled to. This bonus package includes access to other sites and 51 full extra movies.

I am not quite sure where these guys were working before setting up this site but I can assure you that they are pros when it comes to producing digital movies and stills. I was particularly impressed with their best files which are presented in 1920X1080p MP4s that are available for downloading as well as streaming. Don’t worry though if you have slower internet connection because you have other options to use like the Windows(1280×720;5731),Flash(640×360;3500k) and the MOV(1888×1062;10300k).Pictures are sharp and very high in specs (3000×2000).Everything looks fantastic as far as quality is concerned.

They have not paid a lot of attention to the design of the site though so browsing the site is not a walk in the park. This does not necessarily mean that you will encounter challenges that you cannot handle so long as you attended school and you have been online for sometime. The fact that you can only browse from one page to the next without the option to skip is particularly disheartening. However, since their content is awesome, you will not get the urge to skip any videos. Anyway, the favorite section is a plus since you can save your favorite scenes and access them later without having to browse the pages again.

Even though I am a hardcore guy, I fell in love with the kind of romance that happens as their movies commence. It seems like these guys are truly in love with each other. They start with passionate kissing, fingering, blowjobs and finally go to straight hardcore fucking that result in incredible orgasms from the girls and hot cumshots from the boys. I have no hesitation in recommending the Dane Jones discount to lovers of organic and passionate lovemaking that leads to hardcore straight banging.

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Black TGirls Discount

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Black TGirls is a site with a little bit crazy content. They have collected unbelievably large number of transsexual girls from across America. You get to see girls with very contradicting features. Some of these babes have very cute faces, delicious asses, and huge boobs but undress to reveal unbelievably huge cocks which they use to fuck other Tgirls, drill some unlucky guys and participate in a very nice mix featuring all manner of combinations.

If you are looking for very exciting porn in unconventional hardcore niche, this is your thing. You can count on enjoying group sex, interracial, deep throat, cum eating, ass shaking and many other sexual exploits that you have always desired. The entertainment will be rolled out through 3,700+ videos and more than 35,000 picture sets. Over 1,136 models will be seen doing what they know best for the members to enjoy.

You will get WMV as well as an MP4 version for downloading these movies and zip files to carry the picture sets. Quality is generally high with videos of 1280x720p in size playing at 4000k being the norm.

The layout looks simple with simple tools such as model index, categories and a search engine being available on the members’ page. An advanced search engine is also present so you can use it to draw out something more specific like Tgirl cock sizes, type of breasts or any other query that you may decide to entre.

It looks like they post multiple updates on a weekly basis, so you can expect at least 6 movies and galleries to come your way before the week ends. It is understandable why they are charging $36 per month especially if you consider the fact that Tgirls are not all that easy to find. This is especially so for those girls who posses a functional dick that can give a proper banging.

If you want to experience something that is a little bit out of the ordinary in HD quality and have enough of it delivered in one place, Black TGirls will give you exactly that.

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Spizoo Discount

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Spizoo brings together a total of 13 sites that can be accessed with one password as a single package. Virtually all the action here is hardcore with more emphasis on the vanilla type of sex featuring well know pornstars. Almost all the conventional niches are covered here. Among the most famous sites in their network include Jessica Jaymes, Intimate lesbians, First class POV, Porn Goes Pro and 9 other sites pursuing different categories of porn.

The amount of content is definitely on the higher side with over 1,200 videos on the offing. At the same time, photo galleries are in excess of 1,173 with each gallery supplying around 150 pictures. These pictures are compiled from shots done on 208+ irresistible models. You will also see video caps if you like viewing them and there are zip files to download the pictures in.

When we come down to viewing the videos, you will get a WMV version giving you 1280x720p with 3100k bitrates and two MP4 versions with 1920×1080 in specs playing at 5000k+.A streaming option is also available with an in-browser Flash as is always expected.

These guys produce their own content so you can expect exclusive materials that will not be seen anywhere else on the net. Though the site is not very active when it comes to updating, you will enjoy at least 5 fresh items within one week from across the network.

There are no huge bonuses here but you will get video feeds, live feeds, a store and a forum which is a good platform for the members to interact and discuss.

Overall, Spizoo if not perfect since they can do much better with more regular updates and a little more creativity in their scenes would be welcome. Anyway, if you are looking for rock hard sex, sexy babes and enough amounts of videos to access with a single password, the Spizoo discount will most likely work for you.

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